Warranty terms of the Phestio s.r.o. company

  1. The Phestio s.r.o. company, Company ID No. 03857387, seated Prague 3 - Žižkov, Sudoměřská 1293/32, CZ-130 00, registered at the Municipal Court in Prague - Section C, Entry 238946 (hereinafter as "Phestio s.r.o.") is not the organizer of individual Events, to which tickets are sold to. The Phestio s.r.o. company ensures the sale and distribution of tickets for individual Events solely in the name and to the account of their respective organizer, based on a contract concluded with such organizer. By purchasing a ticket for an Event, a legal relationship is created between the customer, who bought the ticket, and the organizer of such Event. All customer claims must always be directed towards the Event organizer.
  2. Thus the Phestio s.r.o. company is not in any way responsible for these Events taking or not taking place, it is also not responsible for any changes of these Events or their dates or locations, it is further also not responsible for their contents, for any incidents taken place during these Events or for anything that originated during such Events. It is not responsible for any damage or any other detriment the customer or any third party suffers in connection with the Event. It is especially not responsible for expenses incurred by the customer in regards to an Event, its change, cancellation or it taking place. Any claims must always be brought to the attention of the relevant Event organizer.
  3. Upon entering an Event, the customer is always obliged to comply with rules defined by the Event organizer. The customer is also obliged to comply with the rules and regulations and visitor rules of the location where the Event takes place.
  4. Each Event organizer reserves the right to change its programme, date and location. Customers acknowledge this right by purchasing the ticket.
  5. All warranty claims of tickets purchased from Phestio s.r.o. sales points must abide to these warranty terms and terms and conditions.
  6. Paid admission fees will not be returned, if not stated otherwise. Purchased tickets are not replaceable. In case of damage, destruction, loss or theft of a ticket, such ticket will not be replaced by a new one and the customer will not be provided with a substitute.
  7. If a customer is not delivered an e-ticket to his e-mail address registered at, he must inform Phestio s.r.o. Such warranty claim will be resolved within 30 days. If the result of a warranty claim is the finding that the ticket was lost due to a fault not caused on the customer's side, the Phestio s.r.o. company will notify the customer and return the amount paid for the undelivered tickets.
  8. If the organizer entirely cancels an Event, the customer, who provided his/her contact information to the Phestio s.r.o. company (e-mail address, post address, fax, etc.), will be informed via this contact information about the cancellation of this Event. The Phestio s.r.o. company is not responsible for cases, when it is not possible to contact the customer in a timely manner, using this contact information, or if the customer receives delayed notification, which was sent on time.
  9. If the organizer entirely cancels an Event, the Phestio s.r.o. company will return admission fees in the here described manner, but only to the amount of funds provided by the organizer for this purpose, since the Phestio s.r.o. company only acts in the name of the Event organizer. Should the claims of the customers not be fully met, the organizer of the cancelled Event shall be fully responsible.
  10. If the organizer entirely cancels an Event, and a customer has purchased and properly paid for a ticket in the Phestio s.r.o. sales system, but has not yet picked up the ticket, or Phestio s.r.o. has not yet sent this ticket, then this customer will be reimbursed, besides cases described in the above provisions, the funds paid, via his/her credit or bank account, to the Phestio s.r.o. company for the ticket.
  11. If the admission fee is returned in compliance with the following provisions, the customer will not be reimbursed any service charges connected with credit card or mPlatba mobile payments or bank transfers. 
  12. Any other warranty claims, besides those that the Event has been entirely cancelled by the organizer, will be forwarded by Phestio s.r.o. to the organizer in order to receive a statement or directly deal with the claim. The previous provisions fully apply to this case as well. Customers will be notified about organizer statements within 30 days. Based on a customer's request, the customer will be provided with a direct contact to the organizer.
  13. Any warranty claims or questions must be sent without delay via electronic mail to the Phestio s.r.o. company's e-mail address: or in writing to the seat of the company.
  14. The company does not guarantee the validity and genuineness of tickets purchased outside the Phestio s.r.o. sales points. Tickets for any Event that were not purchased from the Phestio s.r.o. sales points, cannot be returned under any circumstances to the Phestio s.r.o. company.
  15. These Warranty terms come into effect upon publishing on the website of the Phestio s.r.o. company.