These general terms and conditions and rules are valid and binding for all events, for which Phestio s.r.o. (hereinafter as Phestio) sells tickets.

Tickets that have been paid for will not be refunded, tickets cannot be exchanged, and duplicates of tickets are not issued. 

Should an event be cancelled, for which Phestio has sold tickets, customers will be informed via e-mail within 10 days after a cancellation of such event has been issued, containing among other information, where and how it is possible to have the admission fee returned. The admission fee is standardly returned at the point of sales, where the ticket was purchased. If the ticket was purchased through the Phestio internet shop (credit card, bank transfer or via mPlatba payment method), the request to return the admission fee is directed to the Phestio sales department. In special cases, the admission fee may be returned directly by the organizer of the cancelled event. Phestio is obliged to inform its customers about such fact and to provide a specific contact of the Organizer, in order to request a return of the admission fee. Compensation for other costs, e.g. travel expenses, accommodation, insurance, etc., is not provided.

The right to change the programme, date and place of the event is reserved. You can find the newest information about changes of programmes, dates, locations, etc. on The customer is obliged to check, each time before a specific event begins, on, whether the event will actually take place.

It is not allowed to enter the premises of the event with bottles, cans, weapons, narcotics or other items that could be considered by the event organizer as dangerous or prohibited. The right to undertake body searches is reserved. The organizer reserves the right to not allow access to intoxicated persons, persons under the influence of narcotics or persons threatening the organization of the event or the safety of its visitors.

It is prohibited to bring audio recorders, photo cameras, video cameras, film cameras and professional recording equipment, with the exception of mobile telephones, to the event. Audio and video recordings of events is prohibited.
The film, video and television recording rights of the event are always reserved. A visitor recorded on such media may be published without any notice or financial compensation.

The ticket is valid for only one entry to the event. Leaving the premises of the event will void the ticket.

Tickets are security papers. Counterfeiting, copying or modifying tickets is unacceptable and punishable by law. Phestio cannot guarantee the validity of tickets purchased from sales points other than Phestio sales points. Tickets are not transferable. Protect your ticket against copying. If a ticket is copied or not purchased from authorized sales points, the customer risks not being granted access to the event.

Phestio is not responsible for the actions and the behaviour of the organizer, nor for the event itself. Phestio is also not responsible for any damage to the health or property of event visitors. Event visitors are obliged to respect the instructions of organizers and authorized personnel.

Events that have a seating plan with seats with lowered visibility, at, cannot be returned due to the fact that visibility from such designated seat was lowered, even if such information is not printed directly on the ticket. Before purchasing tickets, the customer is obliged to check using, whether the intended tickets are seats with lowered visibility.

Terms and conditions of Phestio

Manner and conditions of ticket sales

The Phestio company uses the website to sell tickets. It is not possible to purchase tickets via phone. Tickets are sent to the customer's e-mail address entered during the registration of each individual customer. The sales system makes it possible to directly sell tickets to customers with payment via credit card, bank transfer or using the mPlatba payment method (payment via mobile phone). The customer is not allowed to use more than one e-mail address when ordering tickets. If this provision is breached, Phestio reserves the right to cancel or block the sale of tickets purchased from such e-mail addresses, or internet IP addresses.

On-line orders with subsequent payment via bank transfer and dispatch of tickets to a registered e-mail address

Customers will select a ticket/seat directly on the website of the Phestio company. Information necessary to carry out a bank transfer will be sent to the registered e-mail address. After payment is received, an e-mail will be sent confirming payment together with the ticket (e-ticket) for the given event.

On-line orders with subsequent payment via VISA, VISA Electron, Master Card, Diners Club and dispatch of tickets to a registered e-mail address

Customers will select a ticket/seat directly on the website of the Phestio company. After a credit card payment is made according to the instructions of the payment gateway on and verified, an e-mail is sent confirming the payment together with the ticket (e-ticket) to the customer's registered e-mail address.

On-line orders with subsequent payment via mPlatba using either Vodafone, O2 or T-Mobile and dispatch of tickets to a registered e-mail address

Customers will select a ticket/seat directly on the website of the Phestio company. After making the payment and verifying it via a mobile phone, in accordance to the instruction of the payment gateway on, an e-mail is sent containing the ticket (e-ticket) to the customer's registered e-mail address.

Rules of using tickets (e-tickets)

An e-ticket is an electronic ticket and contains a bar code and QR code. These codes are used to verify the validity of the ticket and verify the right to enter the premises of the event. The validity of the ticket and the bar or QR code is verified using special scanning devices.

E-tickets become void after their bar code or QR codes have been scanned and such tickets cannot be used again.

Entry into the premises of an event will only be allowed based on an e-ticket, which has been the first to be presented and scanned by a scanning device. If such ticket, or its copy, is presented repeatedly, it will not be taken into account and entry into the premises of an event, regardless who presented it, will not be granted.

Customers are obliged to protect e-tickets, the customers are responsible for copying or any other fraudulent actions with the ticket. The Phestio company is free of any responsibility in regards to the above stated cases.

E-tickets are issued and sent via e-mail to registered e-mail addresses of customers only in PDF formats, it is necessary to use software that enables printing PDF formats (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader).

The Phestio company is not responsible for any difficulties or damages caused by unauthorized copying or misuse of e-tickets sent to a customer's registered e-mail address. Tickets must be kept at a safe location, preventing any misuse.