AIR Festival's 2016 line up: Martin Garrix, Don Diablo, Quintino, D.O.D, Holl & Rush, Tom & Jame, Sem Thomasson, Toby Green, Matt Nash, Jaggs, Loopers, Gayle San, Bas Mooy a more.

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Standard ticket 0,00 Kč
VIP ticket 0,00 Kč
Poznámka: Only 300 VIP tickets available.
VIP Upgrade 2 000,00 Kč
Poznámka: Platné pouze s klasickou vstupenkou
Caravan camping 500,00 Kč
Caravan electrical connections 220V 500,00 Kč
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Caravan camping

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Caravan electrical connections 220V

Časové období Cena

Start 12. 8. 2016, 17:00
End 14. 8. 2016, 06:00
Event venue Hradec Králové, Festivalpark
GPS coordinates 50°14'36.68"N,15°50'09.30"E


The headliner of Air Festival is Martin Garrix who was voted to be the third best DJ in 2015 in DJMag's Top 100 DJs chart.

VIP ticket

VIP tickets' benefits:
- faster ticket-wristband exchange, faster admission to the venue
- free entry to all festival flush toilets
- no further fees for the camp site, shower etc.
- solid flush toilets, solid showers with hot water
- wash-basin and mirror in each toilet and shower cabin
- parking possibilities close to the camp (parking to be paid separately)

VIP zone:
- free entry to the VIP zone next to the main stage
- free entry to the fun stage (the best view)
- VIP bar, live stream, after party with DJs